Improvements to Charlton Cemetery

Improvements to Charlton Cemetery

Recently the roads and infrastructure in the cemetery have been extended and improved to allow better access and maintenance.

Further landscaping improvements are now planned, including landscaping, shrubs and trees.

It is hoped that friends and families who visit the site will benefit from this serene and peaceful environment.

We do not wish to be overly prescriptive regarding memorials and endeavour not to intervene in individual plots if possible, but in our efforts to improve and maintain standards, your help is respectfully sought.

We would ask you to keep the areas between plots clear of obstruction, avoid memorials encroaching on neighbouring graves, and follow the simple guidelines for the site. This helps access, grass cutting and maintenance and assists in the aim to ensure that the rural feeling of the cemetery is maintained.

Our simple Guidelines can be found below.

Should you wish to learn more about any of the proposed improvements, please contact Cemetery Services.

Telephone: 01264 368821