Broughton & Stockbridge

Broughton & Stockbridge

Including the villages of Broughton, Bossington, Houghton, Longstock, Leckford, Nether Wallop, Chilbolton and Stockbridge.

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An Introduction to Broughton and Stockbridge Ward

Broughton and Stockbridge ward covers10,184 hectares in central Test Valley. It is the largest ward in the borough, covering 3,506 hectares more than the next largest ward, which is Bourne Valley in the north.

Broughton & Stockbridge stretches across the middle of the borough, bordering Wiltshire on its western edge and Winchester City Council to the east.

The population density of Broughton and Stockbridge is 0.44 people per hectare, lower than the borough average of 10.56. Broughton and Stockbridge is the fourth least densely populated ward in the borough.

Broughton and Stockbridge ward is represented by two Borough Councillors.