Review of Romsey On Street Parking Restriction 2017

Following the informal Public Consultation carried out in September, 2016. The responses received have been considered and reported to the local Borough and County Members, who have agreed to proceed on the basis of this exhibition.

The primary aim of Traffic Regulation Orders is to improve safety conditions which may take precedence over other matters.

This exhibition is now closed.  Please note the proposals may affect either part or the whole of a street. From this point onwards it is only legally possible to reduce the proposals, not increase them.

Reasons for these proposals:

  1. To update the existing Traffic Regulation Order which is text based and following receipt of many requests from residents and other stakeholders since the previous Order was made in 2015. 
  2. To update and consolidate it with two other current Orders covering the subjects of Disabled Bays and School Clearways in so far as they affect streets in the area covered by this Order.
  3. Respond to major on street parking issues following recent developments.
  4. Respond to on street parking associated with a number of Schools.
  5. Increase the number of town centre on street parking places.
  6. Adjustment of existing and provide a new Parking Zone for residents to ease the issue for some residents without off street parking facilities and deal with parking not associated with residents.
  7. Highway safety related issues a) By guiding drivers to proceed in a single direction and b) By guiding drivers to park in a more safety conscious location.


How can I comment on the suggested changes? 

To view the proposed restrictions, please open the Street Name - Map Index to find out which map your street / road sits on. Open the Maps document to find the map and view the proposed restriction.

If you would like to comment on the consultation, please use the following link:-

Alternatively, please complete and return to us the feedback form provided below either by email to  or by post.

The consultation is now closed. If you require more information, please contact a member of the Traffic Management team on 01264 368000.