Street Furniture

Provision and maintenance of street furniture such as seating, decorative lighting or cycle racks to enhance local public areas.

Bus Shelters and Seats

The Borough Council is responsible for the maintenance of bus shelters on main roads in Test Valley. For further information please email   

Planters and Hanging Baskets

The Community and Leisure Service maintains the baskets (other than those attached to private buildings) and planters. For further information please email

Road Signs

Hampshire Highways maintain signs within Test Valley. If you want to report damaged or missing signs please email Hampshire Highways alternatively you may wish to Report a defect.; email contact information available from Hampshire Highways website. The Borough Council is responsible for considering new signing requests: contact the Transport Team.

Street Name Plates

When a road is built as part of a new development it is the responsibility of the developer to arrange for the installation of a street nameplate to the appropriate specification.

For advice location and specifications of the correct new street nameplates, please contact the Council’s Planning Policy and Transport Engineering Team

Once the street has been adopted under a Section 38 Agreement the Council will take over responsibility for maintaining all nameplates

Street Lighting

Hampshire County Council maintains more than 140,000 street lights and illuminated signs throughout Hampshire to ensure that we reduce the risk of night-time accidents, improve public safety and conserve energy on a continuous basis.

The County relies on light failure and damage reports received from the public. You can report any faulty or defective street lights on the Hampshire County Council website.