Study, work and build your career

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 Apprenticeships are a great way to gain a qualification while receiving a paid salary. At Test Valley Borough Council, we offer a friendly and supportive culture with a real opportunity to learn a role, contribute your ideas and develop your skills and experience for the future.

  • There are are real advantages to Apprenticeships — both financial and practical.
  • Years ago, Apprenticeships were thought of as a poor relation to a degree. That's changed. Now Apprenticeships are viewed as a valid alternative to university education — a dynamic way to learn practical skills that can enhance long-term career prospects.
  • Being taught in real work environment is hugely valuable.
  • Young people need to know that employers value what they bring to the table

If you are interested in working in a particular role or Service which doesn’t currently have a vacancy, please get in touch to discuss. You can contact us at