Training and career development

Learning and development (new skills, qualifications and experiences)

The Council prides itself on being a learning organisation and is proactive in helping staff to develop their skills, knowledge, experience and professional qualifications, either to do their role more effectively or to help them prepare for their next career move.

Personal Development Plan

Learning is provided in a variety of ways and starts from a comprehensive induction when staff first joint the Council. Each member of staff has their own annual Personal Development Plan and managers and staff work together during the year to ensure this learning takes place.

Different Ways of Learning

Learning takes a variety of forms and ranges from simply trying new tasks through to secondments, project work, leading on new initiatives, e-learning, lunch-and-learn sessions, attendance at courses and seminars, and financial and time support for technical and professional achievement of qualifications.

Career Grades

Some posts within the Council are identified as `career grades’. This is where a role spans more than one grade and enables the post-holder to learn and develop through the role meeting key competencies as they progress.

Leadership and Management Development

Effective leadership and management is crucial to the success of the Council. A range of management and leadership support is available to those who are aspiring to be managers, as well as for more senior staff where strong leadership skills are needed. This is all underpinned by coaching training, as part of the Council`s plan to be a coaching organisation. Managers’ performance is reviewed through staff surveys and a 360 degree process.

Apprentices, Internships and Work Experience 

Take a look at how the Council is developing its offer for apprentices.