Our values

As a Council, we strive to achieve all we can in line with our corporate vision and five fundamental values.

We are vision led

We aim to be an organisation of excellence committed to improving the quality of life of all the people of Test Valley.

Our priorities for 2015 – 2019 and beyond are focussed on people’s basic needs: a job, a decent environment, a roof over their head and a supportive community. We are investing in Test Valley to:

• Live where the supply of homes reflects local needs
• Work and do business
• Enjoy the natural and built environment
• Contribute to and be part of a strong community.

We are values driven

We are committed to high standards in everything we do, shaping our behaviours
and building our reputation in the eyes of our residents. Our five values are:

Accountability - We are accountable to all of the people of Test Valley for our actions and how we use resources, ensuring that we provide value for money.

Ambition - We are a dynamic organisation committed to achieving, improving and innovating.

Empowerment - We are an organisation committed to continuous learning, enabling and motivating all of our people to do their best work.

Integrity - We ensure that as an organisation, our communities can trust us to act fairly and honestly, and so can our staff.

Inclusiveness - We value diversity, promote equality of opportunity for all, and ensure that our services are accessible to everyone in Test Valley.

We use evidence-based decision making

We seek to understand the issues and then we take a full assessment of what’s needed and why.

We are democratically accountable

Our councillors, elected by local people, shape what we do and bring together the needs and expectations of the communities they represent in order to make balanced decisions.

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