Reviewing Planning Controls Working Group

The Reviewing Planning Controls Working Group was created to examine the current policies covering the town centre to see if it is possible for it to become a more multi-functional area enabling public services, leisure and housing to sit alongside shops.

The following recommendations have been agreed by the working group and are now being developed:

Town Centre Planning Policy reviewed

  • Policy has been reviewed to see whether retail change applications have been refused, and if so, whether the policy needs relaxing.  The group confirmed that policy was not having an impact on the alternative uses of business units.
  • The group reviewed how swiftly the Council responds to planning applications in the town centre and found that the Council generally met all national targets in relation to this.

Signage for Businesses

  • The Council is consulting with local business partners to create communal advertising boards or improved signage for those businesses located off the main high street
  • Developing a way for the Council to support local businesseses in their applications to display signage in the town centre.

Town Centre boundary and retail use

  • The boundary of the town centre is currently being reviewed
  • Policy in relation to primary use of ground floor units reviewed
  • A review of planning restrictions on the Chantry Centre opening hours

More details can be found in the document attached at the end of this page.  For information about the other working groups, please select the appropriate page to the left of the screen.