Reopening your business

Whether you are unsure if you can legally reopen yet, or have already reopened, or are planning how to reopen in as COVID-19 secure way as reasonably possible, there is a lot of guidance to help you.  

If you are unsure whether your business can reopen yet click here.

The Government has produced several trade specific guides to help businesses and self-employed persons manage their workplace and practices in as COVID-19 secure way as reasonably possible. If your workplace covers more than one activity you may need to refer to more than one of the guides for the different ways to manage your workplace. Click here to read all the guides.

The Health and Safety Executive has also published guidance on working safely and restarting work. Click here to read that guidance. It includes information on such things as risk assessment, protecting home workers, legionella risks from water supplies, personal protective equipment including face coverings and face masks, and managing work-related stress.

Comprehensive Covid-19 guidance from the Government for food businesses is given here

If you are a restaurant or takeaway, food manufacturer, or in farming and agriculture you can find even more guidance on reopening and adapting your business on the Food Standards Agency web site by clicking here. The guidance includes hygiene processes and other requirements for you to follow.

For any businesses / organisations that have a water supply that is currently shut down due to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, it is important to consider that increased risks associated with Legionnaires’ Disease can result from the re-use of dormant water systems. Please see the following important information before re-opening.


If you need any further help with whether you can open or in interpreting the guides, please contact the Council’s Health Protection Team in Environmental Health via or by telephoning 01264 368000.