Volunteering During Covid-19

What can I do?

There are many ways you can help friends or family as well as neighbours who are in isolation.

If you can visit vulnerable/self-isolating residents safely

As mentioned in the previous “How can I help?” section. The most important part of volunteering is keeping the whole community safe. If you are able to help out by making deliveries or running errands, some established community groups already have networks and resources that you could volunteer to help with. These services include:

Help with food shopping

If people staying at home because of coronavirus need basic necessities, you could do this yourself and leave the groceries on the person’s doorstep. Or you could help those who aren’t as familiar with online shopping by placing an order for them or by talking them through the process over the phone.

Collecting medication

You can pick up medicines on someone else’s behalf. People should only request medication that they need, in their usual quantities. Remember to keep a safe distance when leaving any items on the person’s doorstep or drop off area, and make sure that they have collected the medication before leaving.


Other ways to help your community

There are many ways to you can support your community without having to go out and make deliveries. Even if you are self-isolating or can’t make deliveries yourself,  you can play a part.

Stay in touch over the phone or via social media

Staying at home for a long time can be a lonely experience and may impact on people’s wellbeing. Just saying hello and regularly checking in over the phone or by video-chat is the best way top keep in touch. 

Social Media and sharing the right information.

Social media is a valuable tool at a time like this, but it can also contain misinformation and rumour, which isn’t helpful.  Facebook – www.facebook.com and Twitter – www.twitter.com accounts will be regularly posting out the latest factual advice and information related to COVID-19 but it is important that groups and residents only refer to official sites for this information and repost information from those sites. The useful links part of this article has a full list of useful links and resources to help share useful and vital information to your community.