Contacting the Council if a serious nuisance occurs outside of office hours

How do I contact the Council if a serious nuisance problem occurs outside of office hours?

An officer from the Environmental Health Unit of the Housing & Environmental Health Service is on standby even when the Council Offices are closed to deal with the most serious and urgent nuisance problems that occur. A company known as Centra administers the Council’s emergency reporting system on a 24 hour basis, 365 days per year. To contact this Emergency Out of Hours Service, call 01264 368000 and follow the instructions for emergencies.


Calls that meet certain criteria for priority action are immediately referred to the duty officer for investigation or for other appropriate action. Examples of the types of problem that may prompt an immediate investigation outside of normal working hours are:


  • Noise from intruder alarms that have been sounding more than one hour.
  • Noise from vehicle alarms which have clearly malfunctioned.
  • Amplified music arising from licensed premises (such as pubs and clubs).
  • Domestic parties which are clearly out of control and extend beyond midnight, affecting a widespread area (i.e. two or more households).
  • Black smoke from bonfires (if prolonged only).
  • Major nuisance problems likely to substantially affect large numbers of people or otherwise constitute an immediate risk to health.
  • Pollution incidents involving unknown or potentially harmful substances.