Traffic Management Summary

Commencing 1st August 2019, the Borough Council will no longer be responsible for reviewing and introducing parking restrictions, and administering temporary road closures for works. These functions will transfer back to Hampshire County Council. The Borough Council will continue to enforce on street parking restrictions and the issuing of residents permits until 1st April 2020 when this function will also transfer back to Hampshire County Council.


At Test Valley Borough Council, we deal with a number of traffic management functions across the borough. We also help to implement traffic management on behalf of Hampshire County Council (see Hampshire County Council website for more information).

Test Valley Borough Council also administer Temporary Road Closures within the borough.  If you require information on closing a road or would like to apply to close a road please click here.


You are invited to make traffic calming suggestions and requests, which should be addressed to Planning Policy and Transport Service, where the Engineering and Transport team will investigate and if appropriate include in the programme of prioritised works. Many traffic management schemes involve Traffic Regulation Orders, which can take four to six months to administer as they involve consultation with interested parties. You can contact the Engineering and Transport Team using the details below.

Contact Details:

Engineering and Transport Team -
Parking Team -

Tel: 01264 368000