Garden Waste Collection Service

Please note that from 12pm on Wednesday, 6 January 2021 to Sunday, 7 February 2021, new customers will not be able to subscribe to the Garden Waste Collection Service.  For all existing customers, the collection service will continue as normal.  If you wish to subscribe to this service, please revisit this page from Monday, 8 February 2021. Thank you. 
If you have any issue with your current garden waste subscription you can visit our online services at or contact us on 01264 368000
Recycling Star with Garden Waste Wheeled Bin

For details on how to subscribe or renew your subscription to the Garden Waste Collection Service, please see below:

If you are a new subscriber to the Garden Waste Collection Service...

You will need to complete this registration form: New: Garden Waste Subscription
We will then set up your account and send you an invoice by email or post within seven working days. You can then pay your invoice by Direct Debit or you can pay over the telephone or online using a debit card.

If you would like to renew your existing subscription...

The Garden Waste Collection Service automatically renews each year. Shortly before your subscription is due to end, you will receive a Direct Debit confirmation letter or a renewal invoice - by email or post.  This will be based on your existing year's subscription. 

If you wish to continue your subscription with no changes, then you can pay online here: Pay: Garden Waste Collection Service Invoice, selecting the 'Sales Invoices or Garden Waste Collection Service' option. If you have not yet set up a Direct Debit and wish to do so, please complete and return your Direct Debit mandate included with your invoice. Alternatively, you can use our Automated Payment Service by calling 01264 368000 and selecting option 1 to make a payment

If you wish to continue your subscription, but would like to make a change, please complete this form: Change: Garden Waste Subscription

Additional Information:

- Garden waste is collected fortnightly. To find out when your next collection is due, click here: When Are My Bins Collected?

- The annual charge is:

£35 for the initial subscription

£20 for each additional subscription

- Only one garden waste wheeled bin or reusable sack will be emptied per subscription.

- If you add an additional subscription partway through the year, you will be charged for a full year.  However, you will only receive collections for this extra subscription in line with your initial subscription.  This means that both subscriptions will cease at the same time, and will be aligned the following year, should you choose to renew.

- Wheeled bins and reusable sacks are available to purchase:

£25.50 for each 240 litre garden waste wheeled bin

£1.85 for each 130 litre reusable garden waste sack

- A spare wheeled bin can be used instead - it doesn't matter what colour it is. Please order a garden waste label for this bin.

- You can choose whether you have a garden waste bin or sack.  If you have more than one subscription, you can put a combination of garden waste wheeled bins and sacks out for collection if you prefer.  Please remember only one garden waste bin or sack will be emptied per subscription.

- To order a garden waste wheeled bin, reusable sack or garden waste label, click here:  Order: Wheeled Bin, Reusable Sack or Label. They will be delivered within 10 working days.

- If you would like to cancel your Garden Waste Collection Service subscription, click here: Cancel: Garden Waste Subscription.  Please note that the Garden Waste Collection Service is non-refundable.

- To report a missed collection, click here: Report a Missed Bin

Please note: Garden waste cannot be put in your black or brown wheeled bins. However, there are a number of alternatives if you do not want to join the Garden Waste Collection Service. These include: home composting; using your local Household Waste and Recycling Centre; arranging a one-off bulky waste collection; or hiring a skip for larger amounts (the Council does not provide this service). Please also make sure that anyone carrying out gardening work at your property is licenced to take away any waste.

Do not be tempted to fly tip any waste. Fly tipping (unlawful dumping) of waste is illegal and carries an unlimited fine and/or imprisonment upon conviction.