Water is a valuable resource and brings us a variety of benefits. It is essential for the environment and local wildlife, has a significant impact on the local landscape and is important to our economy and our health. In Test Valley most of our drinking water comes from local groundwater or surface water sources (e.g. rivers and lakes). The River Test is a key asset within the Borough, which is of national ecological importance and a recreational resource (e.g. the Test Way).

There is particular pressure on water resources in the south east, where rainfall is generally lower and there are a greater number of people living in this area. Forecast changes in climate, along with changes to population and lifestyles, are expected to increase demand for water in the future.

There are a number of simple measures we can take to reduce the amount of water we use, which cumulatively can make a difference. Such measures can include fixing dripping taps, consider using more water efficient appliances and using water butts. The links at the bottom of the page include a number of tips and measures that you can consider.