Former Chairmen and Mayors of Test Valley

Test Valley Mayors and District Council Chairmen since 1973

Test Valley 'District' Council was created in 1973, under Local Government Reorganisation, and ran as a shadow authority until 1st April 1974, when it formally took over from the four Councils which had previously been responsible for local administration in the area: Andover Borough, Andover Rural District, Romsey Borough, and Romsey & Stockbridge Rural District.

At its inception, the council elected a District Council 'Chairman'. In 1976, Test Valley was granted Borough status by Royal Charter which entitled it to elect a Mayor, and the position of 'Chairman' was, accordingly, superseded.

District Chairmen:

1973-76         Mr H B. Finmore

1976 (part)     Mr A E Parke


1976 Borough Charter granted:

1976-78         First Mayor – Mr A E Parke

1978-80         Mr J L Morgan

1980-81         Mr J R Bandy

1981-82         Mr P D Brans

1982-83         Dr Mrs F B Williams

1983-84         Mr L A Porter

1984-85         M J Bigwood

1985-86         Mr W S White

1986-87         Mr B D Beggs

1987-88         Mrs D C P Bunting

1988-89         Mrs J A Fisher

1989-90         Mr E A Sier

1990-91         Mrs P D White

1991 (part)     Mr J Patten

1991-93         Mr N C Lewis

1993-94         Mr G E King

1994-95         Mr R Gardiner

1995-96         Mr I R Carr

1996-97         Mr B I Palmer

1997-98         Mr R J Bailey

1998-99         Mr A V Jackson

1999-2000     Mrs M Kerley

2000-01         Mr A Hope

2001-02         Mr J Taylor

2002-03         Mr A J Gentle

2003-04         Mrs P A West

2004-05         Mr N Whiteley

2005-06         Mr P Boulton

2006-07         Mr J S Neal

2007-08         Mrs P Mutton

2008-09         Mr B Page MBE

2009-10         Mr I Hibberd

2010-11         Mr C Lynn

2011-12         Mrs Z Brooks

2012-13         Mrs D Baverstock

2013-14         Mrs Janet Whiteley

2014-15         Mrs Jan Lovell

2015-16        Mrs Iris Andersen

2016-17        Mrs Karen Hamilton

2017-18        Mr Carl Borg-Neal

2018-19        Mr Ian Carr MBE

2019-20        Mr Martin Hatley

2020-21        Mr Martin Hatley

2021-22        Mr Mark Cooper

2022-23        Mr Alan Dowden

2023-24        Mr Philip Lashbrook