Corporate Logo

The Council's logo is the central and most powerful element of the corporate identity. The Council offers partners and organisations some simple guidelines on displaying it correctly to reflect the relationship we have with them. The Council does not permit organisations to use the logo to endorse the products or services they provide. As a public service funded by taxpayers, the Council cannot be seen to favour one organisation over another.


If you are providing a public-facing service on our behalf it is important that a ‘Working with Test Valley Borough Council’ logo appears on all applications that relate to the work you are doing for us.

Grant-aided organisations

The Council provides support to a wide range of organisations. If we have supported your organisation you should acknowledge it on your publicity material by using the ‘Supported by Test Valley Borough Council’ logo.


When TVBC provides the biggest share of funding or resource

When TVBC is the lead partner, the Council’s corporate identity must be applied. The other partners’ logos should appear on the rear of the publication. Please contact the Communications Team for further information about the Council’s corporate identity guidelines.

When all partners provide an equal share of the funding

When all partners are equal, they will need to agree on a compromise between their identities. All partners’ logos should be the same size.

When TVBC provides less share of the funding

Where TVBC is a sub-partner, the look and feel of the literature will depend on the lead partner’s corporate identity guidelines.

Using the logo

The logo is provided in our corporate blue colour (referred to as standard) and in black and white (referred to as mono), and is available for both screen (RGB) and print (CMYK) use. It is important to use the correct format of logo for the item you are producing. The logo must not be modified or recreated in any way.

The recommended width of the logo is 60mm on A4 documents and 50mm on A5 and DL documents. The minimum logo size for use on smaller items is 30mm. For use on larger items please enlarge proportionately. Please also ensure there is sufficient clear space around the logo. As a guide, the width of the clear space must be at least the height of the letter ‘e’ in Test.

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding the new corporate identity, or require a format that isn’t available to download, please contact the Communications Team.

Email or telephone 01264 368000.