Polling District Review 2023


The (Acting) Returning Officer is required to make submissions to the Review, and these submissions must be published by the Council. The (Acting) Returning Officer’s submissions are available here [hyperlink, point to Part 5], and these set out (by Borough Ward) the existing polling districts within each Ward, the parish which each polling district falls within, the polling station currently used for each district, and proposals for any alternative polling station to be considered.

Comments from residents (particularly disabled residents) and other interested parties are sought on any aspect covered by the Review, including the recommendations included in the (Acting) Returning Officer’s submissions, the suitability of existing/proposed polling stations, and any alternative polling stations that could be used.

The consultation period runs from Friday 13 October 2023 to Friday 24 November 2023. Comments can be submitted:

By email to pdr@testvalley.gov.uk

By post to:
Head of Legal and Democratic Services
Beech Hurst
Weyhill Road
SP10 3AJ

Please note that comments on the boundaries of the Borough Council, parish councils, Borough Ward and County Electoral Division boundaries, and other electoral arrangements such as the number of councillors for a particular parish/ward/division, are outside the scope of this Review and cannot be considered under it.