Economic Development Strategy 2024 - 2029

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The Test Valley Borough Council Economic Development Strategy (2024 – 2029) outlines how we intend to create the conditions for economic growth in line with Council’s vision to promote prosperity in a sustainable way which improves the quality of life of our residents and communities. 

The Economic Development Strategy identifies six priorities together with an associated Action Plan:

  1. Supporting key sectors including advanced manufacturing, green technologies and tourism to grow.
  2. Building a climate in which entrepreneurs, and small and medium sized businesses can thrive.
  3. Supporting businesses in their transition to a low carbon economy.
  4. Regenerating Andover and Romsey town centres.
  5. Promoting upskilling and raising qualification levels to meet future economic needs.
  6. Reflecting the changing workforce and new life stages.

Click here to view the Economic Development Strategy Executive Summary  (pdf)

Click here to view the Economic Development Strategy PDF in full. (pdf)


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