Health & Safety - Advice and Enforcement

Health & Safety advice and enforcement is undertaken by the Commercial Team in Housing & Environmental Health, and includes:

  • The promotion of health, safety and welfare in the workplace.
  • The provision of advice, information and training.
  • The inspection of workplaces and businesses including - amusement & sporting activities, cafes, children's nurseries, estate agents, hairdressers, hotels, leisure, offices, places of worship, public houses, restaurants, retail, takeaways, travel agents, tyre & exhaust fitting services and warehousing.
  • The investigation of accidents and complaints in the above types of premises.
  • The carrying out of advisory visits upon request.
  • Liaison with other organisations with an interest in health & safety issues.
  • Registration of Hairdressers and premises undertaking tattooing, ear piercing, accupunture and electrolysis.


Other Useful Contacts

A wide range of fact sheets and other publications are available including:

  • Test Valley Borough Council - Health & Safety Enforcement Policy
  • Test Valley Borough Council Corporate Annual Health & Safety Report 2010/11
  • Environmental Health Commercial Team Service Plan (pdf)
  • Environment & Health Guide to Health and Safety (1.9MB)
  • Home Working (pdf 17KB)
  • Noise at Work (pdf 41KB)
  • Occupational Health (pdf 15KB)
  • Outdoor Play Equipment (pdf 148KB)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (pdf 21KB)
  • Racking Installations (pdf 14KB)

Promoting Workplace Health

Every year, over two million people in the UK suffer from an illness they believe is caused by or made worse as a result of work. These types of work-related illnesses have been shown to cost a business, on average, £1,196 each time a worker is on sick leave.

Workplace Health Connect provides free confidential and impartial advice on creating a safer and more healthy workplace for smaller businesses in England and Wales (see for further information).

For further information please contact:

Health Protection Team
Tel 01264 368000