Test Valley Borough Council Community Safety Team

Test Valley Borough Council Community Safety Team

The Community Safety Team at Test Valley work with other partners to help reduce crime, fear of crime and promote good citizenship.

The Test Valley Partnership is concerned primarily with reducing crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour and consists of more than 20 partnership agencies, acting in proactive and retrospective initiatives.

The Test Valley Community Safety Team is made up of Community Safety Officers.

Together the team investigate reports relating to community safety and take appropriate action against those responsible.

They work with:-

  • Individuals or groups causing anti-social behaviour
  • Repeat victims of anti-social behaviour
  • Locations where anti-social behaviour is becoming an issue

The Team Members are:

Test Valley South - Romsey Antony Chapman
Test Valley North - Andover Marie Stubbington

For emergencies please telephone 999 or for non-urgent crime or anti-social behaviour please call 101.

Contact Us:
For more information please contact the Community Engagement Manager on 01264 368000.
Email: Community&leisure@testvalley.gov.uk