Frequently asked questions - Picket Piece

  • How do I get in contact with Barrett homes?

    The Barrett homes customer service number is 01489 787064

    The help-line is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays

  • How do I get in contact with David Wilson homes?

    The David Wilson homes customer service number is 01488 680300

    The help-line is open 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays

  • Where will I find information about the development, local facilities, services or community activities?

    The Test Valley Borough Council’s development worker for Picket Piece, Andrea Harris runs a drop-in session for residents every Thursday morning between 10.00am and noon at the Community Hall. There’s no need for an appointment,  just drop-in for a chat and a drink.

    A newsletter is also produced two to three times a year which contains information about what’s happening in the development as well as useful general information. This is delivered to every new house in the development as well as existing homeowners.

  • How long will it be until all the houses are built?

    Occupation figures provided by the developer as at March 2019 show that there are now over 520 homes occupied on the site.

    Locksbridge Park is due to be completed by early 2020.

  • What is a Residents’ Estate Management Company?

    Residents’ Management Companies are set up by Barrett and David Wilson Homes for the purpose of managing those communal parts of the development which are not intended to be handed over to other organisations.

    The communal parts do not include the parts of the road network intended to

    be adopted by the Highway Authority or the open space areas intended to be transferred to Test Valley Borough Council, or those transferred to Housing Associations or Community facilities.

    Typically, the Management Company maintains any remaining roads and footpaths, incidental landscaped areas, communal parking bays, etc and including all services associated with the upkeep of these areas.


    The Residents’ Management Company is a Limited Company that has appointed a Managing Agent, in this case Remus, to attend to the maintenance requirements and the collection of service charges. Service charges are calculated by dividing the total cost of maintaining the communal areas, including all administration costs, by the number of member households within each phase.

    Once the communal parts are completed by the developer  to a satisfactory standard, the responsibility for the maintenance is handed over to the Managing Agents. This continues until the development of each phase is complete and at which point the control of the Residents’ Management Company may then be transferred to the residents who are invited to elect and appoint Directors. At this time, the freehold of the communal parts is also transferred to the Residents’ Management Company.

    The owners of all houses and flats become members of the Residents’ Management Company upon the initial sale of the unit by the developer, and these include those with either freehold or leasehold interests.


    All occupiers of houses within each phase contribute to the service costs of the communal parts.



    Francesca Hill

    Remus Property Manager

    Tel: 01722 428000 8.45am – 5.15pm Monday to Friday


  • When are the rubbish bins collected?

    Test Valley Borough Council collects kerbside rubbish from Picket Piece properties every Friday, alternating between household waste (black bin) and recycling (brown bin). Please leave your bin at the edge of your property by 7am each Friday and please bring all bins back onto your property as soon as possible once emptied.

    Rubbish can also be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre at Scott Close on Walworth Business Park. Some types of bulky waste can be collected from your property by the council by contacting our Customer Service Unit on 01264 368000

  • What is being done about persistent dog fouling?

    Signage has been placed around the development to encourage dog owners to be responsible and clean up after their dogs a black wheelie bin has been installed outside of the play area at Picket Road/Ox Drove for putting dog poo bags in.

    Regular flagging and spraying of the fouled areas at Ox Meadow is undertaken by the Countryside Officers at TVBC.

    It is actually an offence not to clear up after your dog and you can be fined. To report any issues call the Animal Welfare Officer on 01264 368000 or visit the Council website at

  • How were the street names chosen?

    The street names were chosen from a variety of different references, all connected with the local area, for instance;

    Locksbridge Road  was named after a stream or brook which used to run through the area and Mortimer Road was named after a local land owner William Mortimer.

  • When will Picket Piece get it’s allotments?

    Work on preparing the allotment site has commenced. You can register your interest in obtaining an allotment with Andover Town Council by emailing

  • What bus provision is there at Picket Piece?

    Stagecoach operates a number 13 service from the bus station to Picket Piece via Tesco and back. The bus will stop at allocated bus stops and is not a hail and ride service.


    Timetable information : 0871 200 2233

    Customer Services : 0345  121 0190


  • Is there a Social Club in Picket Piece?

    Picket Piece has it’s own Sports and Social Club in the Village Hall. It is open Friday evenings from 7pm – 11pm and Sundays from 6pm – 10.30pm. The drinks are reasonably prices and pool and darts are available.

    The Sports and Social Club is a charitable organisation who arrange social events at the hall for residents and members.

    For more information about what’s on or to hire the hall, visit the website or Facebook page @PicketPieceSportsandSocialClub

    Tel 01264 332149

  • When will Picket Piece be getting a shop?

    There will be 3 retail units available within the Picket Piece development, these are situated at the Barratt Homes end of Locksbridge Road. Extensive marketing is taking place at present to encourage retailers to occupy the premises.