Travel to and from Picket Twenty

Bus travel

Picket Twenty is served by Stagecoach

Residents living within Picket Twenty can apply for up to 1 years worth of subsidised bus travel. The bus pass costs £10 for 3 months and can be used for unlimited travel on Andover town bus services provided by Wheelers. The passes are limited to 1 per household (on first occupation) on a first-come first-served basis until funds are depleted. The bus pass is transferable between members of the same household and can be used during bus operating hours to access key services and facilities within the town. For details of how to apply please see the form at the foot of this page.

Walking and cycling

The local cycle network is being enhanced along part of London Road, Andover between the underpass link from Picket Twenty and the town centre. Various footways and footpaths within Andover will be converted to shared use so that cyclists may legally use them as well as pedestrians. This route will utilise a combination of on and ooff-roadsections and will connect to other existing or future routes.

Resident Community Travel Plan

Information was sought from residents in 2013 to build up a picture of journeys from P20 and confirm whether the planned infrastructure (e.g cycle & foot paths, crossings and planned bus routes) will be effective. This will help us highlight any barriers to making a journey and if there are obstacles to using a ‘greener way’ of travel. 

For further information please phone 01264 368000 or email the Planning Policy Team at