Bury Hill Meadows Nature Reserve

Enjoying the Site - Parking and accessibility information

A perimeter route of approximately 1 .3 miles can be walked round the edge of the site, with a central path between the existing grassland and wildflower meadow providing the option for a smaller loop.

Benches are provided throughout the site to offer visitors the opportunity to rest and take in the spectacular views across the surrounding areas.

Access to the site is encouraged on foot and by bicycle, however a small, enclosed car park can be accessed off of Red Rice Road, for anyone wishing to travel from further afield. The car park provides parking for up to 20 cars and includes a cycle rack and spaces for disabled access.

There is a height barrier on the entrance to the site from Red Rice Road which is 2.1m (6’10”) high.

An all user kissing gate, which includes access using a radar key can be found in the car park. There is also an additional entrance from Anna Valley


Car park: escape.crest.chair  

Alternative entrance (Anna Valley): Forced.froze.vast


  • Bury Hill Meadows, flowers across the meadow
  • Bury Hill Meadows, tractor working across the meadow
  • Wild flower meadow
  • Poplar farm landscape
  • Wildflower Meadow Panorama