Nature Reserves

Four designated Nature Reserves are located in the Test Valley providing green spaces in which to walk and enjoy wildlife in its natural habitat. 

These can be found at :

  • Anton Lakes
  • Rooksbury Mill
  • Tadburn Meadows
  • Valley Park Woodlands

What does a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) mean?


  • Protects wildlife habitats and natural features
  • Increases peoples awareness and enjoyment of their natural environment
  • Provides an ideal environment for everyone
  • Teaches about and helps people to study nature
  • Builds relationships between local authorities, national and local conservation organisations and local people

The sites annually host visits from local schools and community groups to provide inspiration for a wide variety of curriculum based activities.  By investigation, both children and adults can observe and discover more about their local wildlife.

Get involved
If you would like to get involved in the events and activities that are organised in the nature reserves or arrange an accompanied educational or group visit please contact the Countryside Officer on 01264 368000 or email: community&