Community Asset Fund

Not-for-profit, charitable community groups and organisations can apply to the Community Asset Fund for a grant of up to £25,000. Applicants can apply for up to 50% of the cost of a project to provide new or enhance existing, important community assets and facilities.

Who can apply?

  • Not-for-profit community groups
  • Charitable organisations
  • Community buildings and asset management committees
  • Community Associations
  • Parish and Town Councils
  • Schools (only for facilities with formal community access)

If your organisation is not listed above, please do get in touch to check if you are eligible


What is an eligible community project?

  • Community assets and buildings - new assets or enhancement of existing facilities
  • Climate Change - community projects which address climate change
  • Environmental - community projects which improve the environment
  • Inclusivity – community projects which improve accessibility
  • Play and recreation - new assets or enhancement of existing community facilities
  • Public art - new public art in communities
  • Sports - new assets or the enhancement of existing community facilities

If your project is not listed above, please do get in touch to check if it is eligible


What can be applied for?

  • Up to 50% of the total activity or project cost, up to £25,000
  • The minimum award is £2,000 - so only projects costing £4,000 and more are eligible
  • The maximum award is £25,000


How do I apply?

  • Carefully read the Community Asset Fund Guidance Notes
  • Contact the Grants Officer to discuss your project and to establish if it is eligible – Jenny Brain email:
  • Click the ‘Apply for a Community Asset Fund Grant’ link below to begin an application



What are the 2022/23 submission deadlines?


Deadlines (3pm)

Panel meetings

Outcome dates


Mon 2 May

Thu 26 May

Fri 24 June



Mon 25 July

Thu 25 August

Fri 23 September



Mon 24 October

Thu 24 November

Fri 23 December



Mon 23 January

Thu 23 February

Fri 24 March

Please note:

Before starting an application, it is important to discuss your project with;

It is also important to let the Borough Councillor(s) for your ward know of your plans.