Period poverty

What is period poverty?

Around the world, millions of women and girls can’t afford or don’t have access to the safe menstrual products they need. 

survey by Plan International UK indicated that 3 in 10 UK girls have struggled to afford or access sanitary products. Without access to period products, some are forced to manage their periods in dangerous, unsanitary and ineffective ways. 

The economic, social and environmental impacts of period poverty are huge, with many of those affected restricted from equal education and job opportunities simply due to their periods. Girls are often forced to stay home from school during their period and this can lead them to miss anywhere between 10-20% of their schooling

How we are supporting people experiencing period poverty

Period poverty

In order to further increase availability of safe menstrual products, we are making them available for free in the customer toilets of the reception areas at our main offices. Sanitaryware will also be available for free in customer toilets at The Lights.

We also are inviting and encouraging all Test Valley Parish/Town Councils, businesses, charities, community and other organisations, to introduce free period products in their female and gender-neutral owned/managed toilet rooms or cubicles.

National Charities and Organisations

There are a number of national organisations that raise awareness of period poverty and provide support to those in need. A few of these organisations are listed below along with links to their websites which provide further details of support and how people can access products.

The Gift Wellness Foundation Period Poverty UK aim to provide sanitary products to women and girls who can’t afford them or access them.

The Red Box Project work to ensure no young person misses out on their education because they have their period.

 The Bloody Good Period work with organisations across the country to provide education, deliver products and raise awareness of periods and menstruation.

The Tricky Period is a period poverty initiative that supply products to a number of women’s shelters, refugees, mother and baby assessment units and other community facilities to support those who can’t afford or access essential items.

NHS England have committed to providing free sanitary products to women and girls in hospitals.

If you or anyone you know has any concerns or needs support, please contact our customer services team on 01264 368000 or email