Registering a New Address

To obtain a new address for a recently built property all new developments should be registered with the Borough Council, whether developing a single property or a multiple property development.

All requests for new property and street names and numbers can be made by completing the online form here. You will be asked to supply a site layout plan showing all proposed in writing to the address shown below. Once an address has been agreed and approved the postcode for the property will be confirmed in writing by the Council’s Street Naming and Numbering Officer.

The Council charges an administration fee for the creation and registering of all new addresses, on a sliding scale depending on the size of the development. These fees are reviewed on an annual basis. Current fees and charges can be found here.

The Council will only approve the address of a property in consultation with the Royal Mail, and once agreed and confirmed will inform the local Valuation Office, the Weymouth Land Registry, the emergency services and all Test Valley Borough Council services.

If you have any further questions regarding street naming and numbering, please email