Housing need surveys

The council has developed a housing need survey service and rural affordable housing guide to assist parish councils, neighbourhood plan groups, village design statements, parish plans and other community planning tools to understand and facilitate the process of delivering affordable housing. The guide should be read in conjunction with the guidance For parish councils document.

The housing development team will also be able to meet with parish councils or attend parish meetings to assist with the process of enabling affordable housing, discuss affordable housing opportunities or talk through the completed housing needs survey report.

The guidance for parish councils has been produced to explain the roles of all the partners involved in establishing whether there is a need for affordable housing in rural settlements and if a need is identified, for the successful delivery of affordable housing.

The housing need survey service is a free service carried out by the council’s housing development team, which will assist, inform and compliment parishes in plans to establish housing need and to support plans for affordable housing delivery.

The survey service will include:

  • An established survey distributed to all households in the parish
  • Information for advertising the survey
  • Guidance on the survey process and timescales
  • Distribution via post (where necessary), and return envelopes
  • Online survey via Survey Monkey
  • Survey data analysis
  • Detailed report

For further information please contact us.