New Neighbourhoods - Major Developments in Test Valley

The Future in Test Valley

Over the next twenty years, Test Valley is set to grow considerably in population and more homes are needed to meet that growing population.

It is important that homes are built in the most sustainable locations with access to infrastructure, employment, education, health, leisure and entertainment. 

It is also crucial that these homes become part of our existing Test Valley communities. 

There are a number of new neighbourhoods which are being developed which include a mix of housing types to meet the identified need in the Borough as well as build integrated and mixed communities. In addition a minimum of 40% of new homes will be affordable. For details on what affordable housing is and how to access please see the affordable housing page.

Within the borough of Test Valley, major housing growth is underway or planned at the following locations:

  • 1,061 homes with 425 affordable homes at East Anton, Andover 

  • 534 homes with 212 affordable homes at Picket Twenty, Andover

  • 82 homes with 50 affordable homes at Picket Piece, Andover

  • 150 homes at Harewood Farm, Andover

  • 326 homes with 130 affordable homes at Fenn Meadow, Nursling

  • 320 homes with 128 affordable homes at Broadleaf Park, Rownhams

  • 300 with 120 affordable homes at Hoe Lane, North Baddesley

  • To be agreed Whitenap, Romsey Extra

All new neighbourhoods are allocated for development in Test Valley Borough Local Plan.