The role of Test Valley Borough Council in the delivery of affordable homes

What is affordable housing

Affordable housing is traditionally homes provided for people on lower incomes who are unable to meet their housing needs through the general housing market. Affordable housing in Test Valley is developed by Affordable Housing Providers (also known as “Registered Providers” or “Housing Associations”), who focus on the delivery of affordable/social rent and low cost homeownership housing (such as shared ownership).

The Strategic Housing Team

The Strategic Housing Team works with a range of partners across Test Valley to provide affordable housing within the borough, these partners include Private Housing Developers, Housing Providers (Housing Associations), and Parish Councils. The council always encourages early engagement between the Council, Housing Developers and Registered Providers to ensure all partners in the delivery of new affordable housing development sites are clear on constraints and expectations, to best meet the needs for affordable homes in Test Valley. This is primarily to ensure that details of the affordable housing provision are agreed in terms of the tenure, size, type and mix of affordable housing. We are committed to ensuring affordable homes are meeting local need.

Affordable Housing Delivery through the Local Plan

The adopted Local Plan for Test Valley Borough Council sets out the requirements for affordable housing in the following affordable housing planning polices: COM7, COM8 and COM9. The requirement is 70% rent and 30% intermediate housing (such as shared ownership) . Detailed guidance on delivering affordable housing can be found within the Affordable housing supplementary planning documents.

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