Empty Properties

An empty property is a valuable wasted housing asset. By bringing properties back into use owners can possibly generate an income, the property will cease to deteriorate and neighbouring residents will not have to put up with the problems that long term empty properties often cause such as fly tipping, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

The Council’s Empty Property Strategy was adopted in December 2019 with the aim of providing advice and sign posting assistance to owners to help them bring their empty property back into use.

The Council understands that there are often quite complex reasons why properties are left empty, however, there are options for the owners in order to bring their property back into use and thus avoid having to pay the Council Tax premium which is now charged for long term empty homes.

The Council may be able to help owners of empty homes bring them back into use by offering:

  • Site meeting to offer advice and ideas 

  • Financial assistance to bring the property back into use through the Council’s current Private Sector Housing Renewal Policy

  • Letting packages supported by the Housing Options Service

  • Access to tenancy services 

  • Signposting to funding opportunities 

  • Assistance with selling the property 

We initially try and work with the owner of the empty property to provide advice and support, helping them to bring their property back into use, whether for sale, to rent or to move into themselves. 

If you are the owner of an empty dwelling in the Borough and would like advice on how you can bring it back into use,  in the first instance please contact the Private Sector Housing team on 01264 368000 or email phousing@testvalley.gov.uk  


Reporting an empty property

You can also help us by letting us know about any empty properties. You can do this by sending an email to phousing@testvalley.gov.uk 

We will need these details:

  • The address of the property

  • Any concerns the property may be causing

  • How long it has been empty, if you know

  • Any other information, such as who owns it and why it is empty