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Hundreds of pounds in fines after large fly-tip

A Fareham man has been told that he is ‘certain’ to see the inside of a prison cell if he commits another fly-tip after being fined hundreds of pounds at Winchester Crown Court this week.

John Draper, of Castle Flooring, pleaded guilty to unlawfully depositing a huge amount of commercial waste outside a field on Bullington Lane in Barton Stacey in September. Following an investigation by Test Valley Borough Council, he has now been ordered to pay more than £700 and been warned that any similar offence in future will end with a custodial sentence.

Despite an initial guilty plea at Winchester Crown Court on March 9, Mr Draper suggested during the hearing that it wasn’t him who dumped the waste, and that it was someone he had outsourced work to. However, he then shortly changed his mind and again admitted that he was the person to dump the considerable waste from the vehicle.

He was ordered by the recorder to pay £440 in fines within six months, as well as £74.50 in compensation, £225.50 in costs and a victim surcharge of £44. The recorder added that if Mr Draper comes before the court again for a similar offence, then he will ‘certainly’ be going to prison.

Environmental portfolio holder, councillor Alison Johnston, said: “I hope this serves as a clear message to anyone thinking they can get away with flouting the law, that they will be investigated and we will seek to prosecute.

“This man has now had to spend a day in crown court, been ordered to pay hundreds of pounds and been told that he faces a custodial sentence if he repeats any similar offence, or if he fails to pay his fine within six months.

“If you do have any queries as to how to rid of your waste responsibly, please contact us on 01264 368000 or 01794 527700. And don’t forget, if you are using a waste carrier, to check on the Environment Agency website for their credentials. Your waste is your responsibility.”