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Bournemouth man found guilty for second time in relation to Test Valley fly-tip

A man from Bournemouth has been found guilty of failing to assist with a fly-tipping investigation for a second time after he challenged the first prosecution.

Jack Fairbairn of Wakely Road, Bournemouth, had been found guilty in February, but returned to Southampton Magistrates’ Court on 4 November for a second hearing. 

In May 2021, Test Valley Borough Council received several reports of a fly-tip on Giles Lane, near Plaitford, of up to 200 fire extinguishers, horse manure and wood shavings.

A member of the public had seen a vehicle loaded with fire extinguishers travelling up the road, and later saw the same vehicle exiting a track empty. A second report also identified an identical vehicle in the vicinity loaded with extinguishers.

TVBC contacted Mr Fairbairn, who was the registered keeper of the vehicle, and asked him to attend an interview under caution on 21 May 2021. The defendant contacted the council to say that he had sold the vehicle four months prior, but was only able to produce a hand written note containing a non-existent address.

The authority later issued a notice requiring the defendant to attend the council offices on 6 September 2022 to assist with the fly-tipping investigation, but they did not receive a response. 

He was fined £120.00 and ordered to pay a £48.00 victim surcharge and £921.50 in costs.

Portfolio holder for environmental services, Councillor Nick Adams-King, said: “I am pleased that the verdict remains unchanged. 

“My message to anyone in a similar situation is that if we contact you regarding an investigation, then I would urge you to respond. If we don’t see you in the interview room, then we will see you in court.”