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Christmas tree with decorations

Mayor's Christmas Address 2023

Over the last six months, the Mayoress and I have been privileged to meet so many wonderful people, from across the Test Valley and beyond.   Drawn from the widest and most diverse communities, their warmth and friendship has been a glowing tribute to all that this borough and the nation stands for.

The plight of young carers and indeed all carers was a shock and our hearts go out to them at this time of year, a time when isolation can be unbearable. 

Whilst we all celebrate and enjoy this season of good cheer, there are too many who will be lonely and without hope.  Let us spare a thought for them and do what we can to address this failing of modern society.

To all those in the Emergency Services who, throughout the festive period, cope with a dramatically increased load, we are enterally grateful for their dedication and continued efforts.

To the NHS staff and patients in hospital, our thoughts and prayers are with you. 

Let us not forget those who are suffering in conflict, adversity and poor health. 

We give thanks for the freedom we enjoy, paid for with the lives of others, whom we shall not forget.

Times, for many, are tough.   So, please be kind, be tolerant and above all, be generous of heart.

The Mayoress and I wish you joy and above all a peaceful Christmas.  

May happiness and good fortune be with you and your loved ones, today, tomorrow and for evermore.

Merry Christmas from Phil and Linda.