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Scrap metal in Ford Tipper truck from scrap metal collection without a licence.

Abbotswood man fined after collecting scrap metal without a licence

A man from Abbotswood has been ordered to pay a fine and costs after he was caught collecting scrap metal without a licence.

On 9 February 2023, a Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) officer became aware of a Ford Tipper truck which was heavily loaded with metal.

With the help of Hampshire Police, the driver of the vehicle was identified as 35-year-old Daniel Wells.

Wells confirmed he had been collecting scrap metal from Walworth Business Park near Andover and when asked to provide his Scrap Metal Dealers Licence, he admitted to not having one.

Wells pleaded guilty and appeared at Southampton Magistrates Court on 2 June 2023 where he was given a fine of £416 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £166 and costs of £200.

Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services, Councillor David Drew, said:

“The rules are very clear. To be able to remove any kind of waste, scrap metal or otherwise, you need to make sure you have all the correct licences to do so. If you don’t possess one and are caught, like in this incident, then you will face the consequences.”

Anyone looking to collect or sell scrap metal needs to have a Scrap Metal Dealers Licence.

Residents can check if a Scrap Metal Dealer is legally licensed by contacting the Test Valley Borough Council licensing team on 01264 368000.