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Council announces the two successful farms taking part in the pioneering Net Zero pilot demonstrator project

The IncuHive Group, in collaboration with Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) and Accelar, is excited to announce the two successful farms that have each been awarded substantial grants to take part in a pilot initiative to improve nitrogen usage efficiency on farms in the borough.

Michelmarsh Manor Farm and Goddards Farm near Andover have been awarded a total of almost £25,000 by TVBC, using money from the Government's UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF).

They will take part in Incuhive's Net Zero Pilot Demonstrator Initiative, which will lead the way in adopting and showcasing practices that reduce environmental impacts and help contribute to our collective goal of achieving Net Zero operations in Test Valley.

Michelmersh Manor Farm, a family-run enterprise focusing on mixed arable, dairy and sheep production, is set to implement a cutting-edge technology to enhance nutrient management by directly fertilising the leaves of silage crops to improve efficiency while minimising nitrate leaching. The initiative promises to set a precedent for integrating sustainability into traditional farming practices without compromising productivity.

Meanwhile, Goddards Farm is working closely with Apsley Farm to pioneer a project that focuses on an innovative product to improve nutrient usage and reduce the farm's carbon footprint. Their commitment to sustainable development is expected to provide significant insights into how farms can operate in a more efficient and environmentally friendly way at a larger scale.

The Net Zero Pilot Demonstrator project is designed to foster innovative agricultural practices that:

Reduce energy consumption

Manage nutrient use more effectively

Minimise overall carbon footprints

These practices are not only vital in achieving environmental goals but also in setting a sustainable model for others in the agricultural community to follow. The initiative will also feature a detailed recording and broadcasting of the project's results, offering valuable insights and proven strategies to other agricultural businesses aiming to go green.

IncuHive and Test Valley Borough Council will be closely following the progress of Michelmersh Manor Farm and Goddards Farm throughout the process. The results of these projects will be comprehensively assessed and presented after the harvest season. We invite everyone to follow the journey of these pioneering farms on our social media platforms where regular updates, insights and highlights will be shared. This engagement will not only keep the community informed but also inspire further participation and support for sustainable practices across the region.

George Scott-Welsh, CEO of IncuHive Group Ltd, said: "We are incredibly excited to champion Michelmarsh Manor Farm and Goddards Farm in our pioneering Net Zero Pilot Demonstrator Initiative. These exceptional farms are not just participants but trailblazers in sustainable agriculture. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking practices, they are redefining how nutrient management can be both efficient and eco-friendly. Their efforts are lighting the way towards a greener, more sustainable future for farming. We look forward to sharing their journey and results with the wider community, showcasing how traditional farming can evolve to meet modern sustainability goals."

Councillor Phil North, Leader of Test Valley Borough Council, said: “We are absolutely delighted that these two farms are taking part in the Net Zero Pilot Demonstrator Initiative. It’s an incredibly exciting project that could play a vital role in helping the borough become Net Zero. We're looking forward to following the progress of both initiatives and would like to thank the IncuHive Group and Accelar for their work in this project.”

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