Frequently Asked Questions

New and updated Approved Documents coming into force 15 June 2022 – F, L, O & S. For guidance documents, please email Admin on for copies.

Completion Certificates

A completion certificate, confirming that the works have been constructed in compliance with the Building Regulations, will be sent to the applicant within 5 working days, following a satisfactory final inspection.

What type of plans do I need to submit?

If you choose to use a Full Plans application, 2 sets of fully detailed constructional plans showing elevations, sections, site plan, location plan and full constructional details are required to be deposited. If you are carrying out works to a non-domestic building, 3 sets of drawings will be required. The plans should be to such a detail that a builder is able to construct the proposal from the details shown on the plans. If you elect to use the Building Notice method, only a site location plan is required to be deposited.

How long will approval take?

Generally all applications are checked for completeness on the day of deposit and if they are unable to be registered the applicant will be informed, either by telephone or in writing. The aim is to check all plans within fourteen working days of deposit and the applicant/agent notified of any shortcomings. Once the Building Control Surveyor is satisfied that the work complies with the Building Regulations the plans will be approved.

A normal period of five weeks is allowed from the date the plans are deposited, after which a decision has to be given. However, if there are difficulties in providing the required information, an extension of up to two months is permitted provided the applicant agrees in writing.

How long does permission last?

A Building Regulations application is valid for 3 years from the date of deposit. If works have not commenced within this time then the application becomes void.

When can I start work?

You are able to start work 2 working days following the deposit of your application, but you must inform Building Control of your intention to start work. Your Area Building Control Surveyor will be happy to discuss the works prior to commencement. However, if you start work before you receive approval you must accept that work is being carried out entirely at your own risk. A site inspection plan, detailing the inspections that are required, will be sent to you once the application has been registered.

Exemption of charges for disabled adaptations

If the works being done are for the sole use of a disabled person, it is possible to exempt these works from the charges. However, the person must have a disabled registration number which must be entered onto the application form. The link below explains the criteria set out by Hampshire County Council for the disabled registration.