Local Land Searches

The Land Charges Search

A Land Charges Search consists of two forms:

  • LLC1 - The Local Land Charges Register
  • CON29 - Enquiries of the Local Authority

We need from an applicant:

  • LLC1 and CON29 forms
  • The correct fee (see attached) - all cheques made payable to Test Valley Borough Council
  • An up to date site plan to assist identification of the property

Return of Searches:
At present our official searches are likely to be returned within 30 working days. Please note personal (regulated) searches are the responsibility of the search organization used to carry out the search and will not originate from the Council. You will need to contact them direct to obtain a timescale.

Submit Your Search Online:
You may now submit and pay for your Local Land Charge Searches via the Council's website. Please click here.  

You can also apply to have an account with us to save time and money processing cheques for each case. It's quick and easy to set up. Please email us at landcharges@testvalley.gov.uk for more details.

Personal Searches

If requesting a Personal Search please email with the address and a plan clearly outlining the property to be searched showing surrounding properties and roads. Please include a contact address and telephone number.

Please note that the responses to Con29 question 1.2 (Planning designations and proposals) can be researched by asking Customer Services staff at the Beech Hurst offices to provide sight of the current document.

The responses to Con29 question 1.1 J, K and L (Building Control) can be researched by using the View Applications Online facility on the Test Valley Borough Council web site.

For further information contact:

Legal & Democratic Services

Tel 01264 368000
Fax 01264 368408
Document Exchange DX 123080 ANDOVER 6
Email landcharges@testvalley.gov.uk

Buying and selling your home

The Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government has this year published guides on buying and selling a house.

Guidance for purchasing a house can be accessed here.

Guidance for selling a house can be accessed here.