Getting Started and Guidance

Neighbourhood Planning Guidance 

If you are a community group interested in starting a Neighbourhood Plan, a steering group preparing a neighbourhood plan, or looking to review an existing neighbourhood plan this page has the resources where you can find the guidance necessary to complete your objectives, including our Community Planning Toolkit.

Neighbourhood Plans can be prepared to address a myriad of topics or simply one specific issue which has been identified by residents. These community made plans become part of the development plan for the Borough and the policies contained within them are then used in the determination of planning applications within their designated area. The policies in a made Neighbourhood Plan shape how development might be delivered and what it will look like and even designate land for affordable housing, community uses or identify green spaces important to the community for preservation.


  • Neighbourhood Development Orders and Community Right to Build Orders allow communities to grant planning permission either in full or in outline for the types of development they want to see in their areas.
  • Village Design Statements describe the distinctive characteristics of their area and outline design guidance for further development.
  • Parish Plans are document prepared by a community, which describes how the community sees itself developing over the next few years, these cover the whole spectrum of social, economic and environmental issues.

For any Parish Councils or Steering Groups interested in undertaking a Neighbourhood Plan or some other community planning document the Neighbourhood Planning Team are happy to discuss the options open to you. If you are unable to find a particular resource or have any questions not covered by the materials on these pages you are welcome to contact the Neighbourhood Planning Team at by phone on 01264 868000 or by email at