Andover town centre redevelopment

This page is dedicated to the Andover town centre redevelopment project. As the rejuvenation of the town progresses, you can find all of the latest news and updates below.

Andover town centre redevelopment proposals receive positive response

Updated May 2020 

Despite the strange and unprecedented times that we find ourselves in, Test Valley Borough Council and appointed masterplanners, Hemingway Design and NEW masterplanning, are continuing to progress with the development of the final masterplan for Andover town centre.  

A public consultation took place, between December and January, which saw more than 1,100 people share their views on the emerging vision for the future of the Town. Local residents and businesses attended a key stakeholder event at St Mary’s Church, a public drop-in shop at Bridge Street and completed an online survey to share their thoughts. The initial proposals received an incredibly positive response and NEW masterplanning and Hemingway Design are now using feedback gained from this activity to help inform the final masterplan.  

Below is an overview of the latest consultation, including a list of the strengths, weaknesses, gaps and priorities highlighted by participants:   

Public consultation outcome  

The results from the public consultation emphasized the fact that Andover residents and businesses believe the plans for the Town to be bold, ambitious and logical. Almost two thirds of respondents highlighted the redevelopment of the Chantry Centre as their top priority for the overall project, wanting to see more flexible space for independent traders and the opportunity to bring community events, markets and pop-up activities into the centre.
The proposition to introduce a broader variety of cafés and restaurants into Andover, in particular along the River Anton corridor, was well received and people liked the suggestion of creating a wellbeing quarter, featuring a green outdoor public space.

To support the introduction of new facilities in the area, the majority of survey participants were also in favour of plans to transform the Western Avenue gyratory, which will potentially allow the River Anton to be opened up and improve connectivity across the town.


  • Improving connectivity across the town 

  • Opening up the Chantry Centre making it more public 

  • Variety of open spaces and how they are connected

  • Access to the river

  • Cafes and restaurants along the river 

  • Making more of a civic use of the Guildhall 

  • Bringing The Lights theatre into the heart of the community 

  • Introducing more residential properties into the town centre



  • Need to conduct a wider study on the routes into the centre of town 

  • It could be difficult for businesses to manage change 

  • Are green spaces big enough?

  • Sainsbury’s is ugly and needs to move 

  • Are we considering the aging population, who cannot always walk and cycle, enough?

  • Will reducing the roads be future proof 

  • What if Simplyhealth leave in the future? The building needs to be adaptable. 



  • Move the museum into the town centre

  • More consideration for street lighting, trees, recycling bins, cycle storage 

  • Dedicated spot to busk 

  • Public facilities

  • Library

  • What is the town’s USP?

  • Hotel / conference centre

  • Cycle lanes

  • Public transport



  • Redevelopment of the Chantry Centre

  • Events in the town centre to encourage footfall 

  • Communication and a clear plan for moving forward (timescales) 

  • Enticing investment 

  • Removing the highway to make the most of the river and improve access for pedestrians and cyclists 

  • Keeping people in the town centre

  • Council offices in the town centre and job centre to bring in jobs 

  • Improving the night time economy 

  • Creating community 


Next steps: 

As the draft masterplan continues to take shape, the next step in the process will be to share the updated proposals with Andover residents and businesses in the next few months. Hemingway Design and NEW masterplanning will continue to progress with developing their vision for Andover, before the final Masterplan is then adopted by the council.

You can view the latest proposals for the town at: