Voluntary Vehicle Surrender

We provide a free service removing and scrapping motor vehicles that are voluntarily surrendered.

A 'Voluntary Surrender' is when a registered keeper requires the Environmental Service to remove and scrap their vehicle on their behalf.

This service reduces the number of vehicles illegally abandoned and the Council's costs in investigating them.

If you wish to scrap your vehicle, please print the Voluntary Surrender Form and return it to the Environmental Service with the specified documents.  Alternatively, contact Customer Services on 01264 368000.

Once the documents are received, they will be checked by an officer and then arrangements will be made to remove the vehicle. This will take approximately seven days.

Test Valley Borough Council does not have any responsibility reporting to the DVLA that your motor vehicle has been scrapped and will not become the vehicle's registered keeper. 

If you do not notify the DVLA that you have sold/transferred the vehicle, you will continue to be liable for it even though it is no longer in your possession. You must notify the DVLA by completing Section 9 (the yellow part) of the V5C or Section 3 (the red part) of the V5 depending upon which version of the Vehicle Registration Document you have. Test Valley Borough Council does not need to sign the section.