Preventing and Removing Graffiti

Here are some tips you may find useful.

Preventing Graffiti

  • Quickly removing any graffiti from your property should deter repeat attacks
  • Painting your property in mid colour paints instead of very light or very dark colours will be less attractive to the graffiti vandal
  • The use of a trellis or climbing plants on walls should discourage graffiti
  • Security measures should be used where possible to prevent access to your property.

Removing Graffiti

  • Paint over graffiti
  • White spirit or other paint removers might help remove graffiti (follow the manufacturer's instructions)
  • DIY shops often carry a range of graffiti removal products that may provide a solution to small scale graffiti
  • Heavy attacks of graffiti may have to be treated by a specialist graffiti removal company. Local companies may be found online or in your local telephone directory.

For further advice and help in removing graffiti, contact the Environmental Service on 01264 368000.