Clinical Waste

We provide a confidential service which collects infectious clinical waste and sharps from domestic properties. These types of waste (including dressings, incontinence pads and stoma bags) are collected in orange sacks and sharps are collected in yellow boxes.

This service is requested on your behalf by a medical professional (for instance a doctor or nurse) and it is free of charge.

Collections take place on a Thursday or Friday.

Any new collections will be notified in advance in writing.

If you are already registered to receive a clinical waste collection and would like to request your next collection, you can do this by following this link: My Test Valley or alternatively by contacting Customer Services on 01264 368000 or 01794 527700.

Please note: Non-infectious clinical waste is not collected separately. This type of waste should be put into the black wheeled bin for collection as domestic waste.

Your data: We need to make you aware that in order to provide this service to you, we will need to retain your name, address and telephone number together with details of the type of clinical waste container that we will be collecting from you.