Garden Waste Collection Service

The Garden Waste Collection Service is a chargeable service provided by the Council. The cost of subscribing to the service depends on the number of wheeled bins or reusable sacks you would like us to empty each fortnight.  The annual charge is:

£41 for the initial subscription

£23 for each additional subscription


What do we collect?

Grass cuttings Soil / Concrete / Rubble
Hedge cuttings Fruit and vegetable peelings
Weeds Food scraps
Small branches Coal ash
Leaves Animal waste (including bedding)
Prunings Commercial waste
Small amounts of windfall fruit Household waste
  Large branches / logs

How Does the Service Work?

Garden waste will only be collected in wheeled bins or in reusable sacks purchased from the Council.

Only one garden waste wheeled bin or reusable sack will be emptied per subscription. Sacks should not exceed the 20kg weight limit. Sacks over this limit may not be emptied.

Your wheeled bin or sack should be left at the edge of your property by 7am on your collection day.

Materials put out for collection will be checked.  Heavily contaminated bins or sacks will not be emptied and an orange information tag will be attached.  If the contents of your bin are frozen, they won't be able to be collected. If this is the case, a blue information tag will be attached to your bin.  All of the collected garden waste is composted to produce Pro-Grow, a high quality organic soil conditioner produced in Hampshire by Project Integra.  Pro-Grow can be bought at any Household Waste Recycling Centre or online. 

Garden waste collections are suspended for a two week period for the Christmas and New Year weeks.

Please note: Garden waste cannot be put in your black or brown wheeled bins. However, there are a number of alternatives if you do not want to join the Garden Waste Collection Service. These include: home composting; using your local Household Waste and Recycling Centre; arranging a one-off bulky waste collection; or hiring a skip for larger amounts (the Council does not provide this service). Please also make sure that anyone carrying out gardening work at your property is licenced to take away any waste.

Do not be tempted to fly tip any waste. Fly tipping (unlawful dumping) of waste is illegal and carries an unlimited fine and/or imprisonment upon conviction.