Sandbags are provided free of charge to households and commercial properties if in the Council's view they are at significant risk of flooding.

Significant flooding will usually mean that the Environment Agency has issued one or more flood warnings for either groundwater or fluvial (river) flooding for a part of the Borough. Please note the Council is highly unlikely to issues sandbags if no flood warning has been issued. If flooding is caused by water running off the highway that is the responsibility of Hampshire Highways and can be reported to them on 0300 555 1388 (office hours) or 101 (out of hours emergencies only). Please note there is no legal responsibility upon the Council to provide sandbags and it is the responsibility of property owners to protect their properties from flooding. If your property is at risk of flooding you are encouraged to consider other measures to protect your property.

Different operational response times will apply for the different levels of risk.  A judgement will be made on the number of sandbags that will be provided.

Except in exceptional circumstances, on delivery the sandbag(s) will become the responsibility of the householder or business and their subsequent collection and disposal will not be arranged by the Council.

Where necessary when making the delivery, Council staff will assist with placing sandbags.

For more information or if you require sandbags, contact customer services on 01264 368000 or 01794 527700.