Postal Vote Instructions

Your postal voting statement

Complete your postal voting statement attached to envelope A.

Please enter your date of birth and signature in the boxes provided. Make sure you keep within the lines.

  • Please make sure you provide your date of birth, not today’s date, and your signature. 
  • If you have been granted a signature waiver, only your date of birth is required.
  • If you do not provide your date of birth and signature, the statement will be invalid and your vote will not be counted. This is a security measure. Your date of birth and signature will be checked against those you have already provided. If they do not match, your votes will not be counted.
  • Only you, the voter, can sign the statement – no one else can. Power of Attorney does not apply to the voting process [Mental Capacity Act 2005].
  • If you are unable to sign, because of a recent accident for example, please contact the Returning Officer for more advice.


Fill in your ballot paper

Fill in your ballot paper.

The ballot paper tells you how many candidates you may vote for. 

Vote by putting a cross (x) in the box(es) next to the name(s) of the candidate(s) you are voting for.

  • Do not mark the ballot paper in any other way or your vote may not count.
  • If you need help to vote, you can ask someone you know or get independent help by calling the helpline on 01264 368000. The person helping you must not tell anyone how you voted.


After you have voted

Re-fold the ballot paper as originally provided.

Put the completed ballot paper into envelope A.

Remove the tape to reveal the sticky strip and fold the flap over to seal envelope A. Do not detach the postal voting statement from envelope A. 

Put your sealed envelope A with the postal voting statement still attached into envelope B.

Seal and post envelope B. This will be free if you post it in the UK. 
Do this as soon as you can. 

It must reach the Returning Officer by 10pm on Thursday 4 May 2023.


If you are returning your postal vote on polling day

If you are returning your postal vote on polling day, you can either hand deliver it to any polling station in the electoral area, or to Test Valley Borough Council, Beech Hurst, Weyhill Road, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 3AJ or Former Magistrates’ Court, Church Street, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 8AQ.


What to do if you make a mistake

If you make a mistake you can get a replacement. Call us immediately as we can only issue a replacement before 5pm on Thursday 4 May 2023. If you lose your postal ballot paper or the postal voting statement, you can get a replacement from Thursday 27 April 2023. If you apply after 5pm on Wednesday 3 May 2023 we can only issue a replacement if you return this ballot pack by hand.

Electoral fraud is a crime. It is an offence to vote more than once in this election unless you are voting on your own behalf and as a proxy for another person.