Can I claim if I am a student?
All part time students can claim Housing Benefit - you must obtain proof from your place of study that the course is part-time.

Most full time students cannot claim Housing Benefit. However, there are some groups who may be entitled to claim. If you are:-

  • Aged under 19 and in further education but not higher education.
  • Looking after a child or young person aged under 19 who is following a course of further education and/or you receive child benefit for.
  • Disabled and receiving disability benefits.
  • In receipt of Income Support or Jobseeker's Allowance (Income Based).
  • Aged 60 or over.
  • Taking an approved break from your studies due to illness or caring responsibilities.

Proof of student income
We will need to see proof of:-

  • Your student loan income (this includes details of your personal maintenance grant, child care grant, higher education grant and any discretionary awards).
  • If you receive a bursary (e.g. from the NHS).
  • Duration of course and the current academic year in which you are studying.
  • Term dates for the current academic year.

Some of your student income can be disregarded in the calculation of entitlement to benefit. For example:-

  • Parents learning allowance
  • Childcare grant
  • Disability grant
  • Two homes grant

In addition, £10.00 per week of your loan income and standard disregards in respect of books and equipment and travel costs are applied. Bursary income is treated differently.

The amount of student loans awarded and the disregards applied in the calculation of housing benefit changes every year. Please contact this office for further details if you wish to apply for benefit.

If you are not eligible for or do not qualify for benefits you may be entitled to a Disregarded Persons Discount because of your student status. Please see the Council Tax Discounts page.