Hairdressing - Registration

Why do I need a registration?

To run a hairdressing or barber business in Test Valley both the premises and any person/s providing the service must be registered with the local authority. If you do not have a premises that you operate from (e.g. a salon or your home address) but are solely a mobile hairdresser or barber, then you do still need to register yourself as a practitioner if you live in the Test Valley borough.

What law applies to registering?

The law relating to registration of hairdressers is in Section 4 of the Hampshire Act.

Can I make my application online?

You can apply and pay online to register a new premises and person/s for hairdressing or being a barber, and also apply for variation of an existing hairdressing or barber registration such as when you want to add a new person, by clicking on this link.,LANG:DCA5796AAE06A1353C4381E0531401EA8C05EFE0,EN&P_LANG=en

If you have any problems using the online application, please telephone 01264 368000 and ask to speak to an officer in the Customer Services Unit.   If you cannot submit an application online please request that an application form be sent to you.

How do I pay for my registration?

You can pay online using your debit card.   Please note that credit card applications are not accepted.   The online application will advise you what the current fee is.

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