Town Centre Management and Andover's Unique Quality Working Group

The Town Centre Management and Andover's Unique Quality Working Group was created to consider the various options for the management of the town centre and will seek to identify a common theme to foster a greater pride in the town.

The following activities were agreed by the working group and are now being implemented:

Andover Town Centre Manager

Test Valley Borough Council, Andover Town Council and Hampshire County Council have joined forces and have recruited Chris Gregory of Heartflood to provide town centre management service for Andover.

The three authorities are together contributing £27,900 per annum to fund the service for an initial period of up to three years.

Pop-Up Shops

The council worked with landlords and lettings agents to facilitate the opening of a Pop-Up Shop in Andover.  It opened at 4 Bridge Street on 7 October and ran until 5 April 2014.

A second pop-up shop operated at 91 High Street, Andover, and another at 7, London Street.

The newest pop-up shop opens at 2b Union Street 27 May - 20 June 2015.

New premises are always being sought.

Business Distribution List

Established an Andover email business distribution list as a way of keeping businesses in the town centre informed.

Supporting new business

A new Independent Retailer Grant of £1,000 is now available to encourage independently owned retailers to take up vacant space.

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