Booking the Charity Pitch

The charity pitch is available free of charge (note there is only one pitch available per day) on the market on Thursday and Saturdays to charities and voluntary organisations.  Political organisations and profit making organisations are not allowed to book it.

Each organisation is allowed a maximum of 4 bookings in each year.  The pitch is located on the north east side of the Guildhall (currently sited outside Edinburgh Woollen Mill) and should not impede pedestrian or emergency vehicular access, or the market traders.  Please note that you will be required to provide your own gazebo or stall.

The Council's rules state that:-

  1. Only charities be permitted to operate the Charity Market Pitch (evidence will be required) which should not be sub-let and any commercial operation should be excluded;
  2. The Pitch should be used like a market pitch i.e. to sell articles for the purpose of fund raising and must not be used as a method of collection funds while playing music.
  3. The pitch cannot be used for a Charity street collection i.e. 'shaking tins' as this requires a license.
  4. A Charity is permitted to book the Charity Pitch on not more than four occasions in any calendar year.
  5. The users of the Charity Pitch must have a valid public liability (£10 million) certificate of insurance.
  6. A risk assessment to be provided.  A brief description of the risks posed and how they will be addressed is an excellent preparation for your event.  If it is judged that you have given insufficient thought then the event will not be approved, even if there is valid insurance.

Access to the pitch is best taken from Waterloo Court or Kings Yard (off Black Swan Yard service road).  The High Street is subject to an Order excluding vehicles from the High Street.  On market days (Thursdays and Saturdays) it is advisable to check with the Market Manager, John Woodward on site before setting up in case the pitch has to be moved at short notice.

Contact us for more details and to check availability.

To Book:

For more information and availability please contact:

phone: 01264 368307